GlassEmpty The Corner Pub had not celebrated its first birthday in 2004 before a devastating fire destroyed it and the other four businesses sharing Airheart Square on West College in the historic Oakhurst district. The neighborhood and businesses in Decatur sponsored fundraisers to help owners and employees who suddenly found themselves out of work. Having salvaged all they could from the ruins, Joshua and Bethy began looking for a new site. East Decatur Station was just down the street and closer to home. Working closely with the EDS owners, Joshua and Bethy and Jeremy Samford, Joshua’s long-time friend and fellow Eagle Scout, began build-out in the new, bigger space with a great deal of help from family and friends. The lessons learned at the first place show in layout, décor and the general feel of the new space. Going on a decade later, the pub is thriving in this well lived space.  The small kitchen in the heart of the pub has become home to Joshua and his fellow cooks.  Something is always smelling good in there, be it smoky bacon or sizzling jerk wings. We are proud to be members of this community and look forward to many more years.